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The FitDesk X 2.0 Lightweight Folding Exercise Bike w/Sliding Desk Platform is perfect for improving your cardiovascular health while working on that next big deadline, surfing the web or keeping up with friends.

This unique, patent-pending desk provides a comfortable placement for your forearms on padded and contoured massage rollers.  The FitDesk™ X 2.0 also has resistance bands for easy-access to upper body exercise. You can expect a reliable, quiet and comfortable experience with your new FitDesk™ X 2.0.  The quiet, twin belt, high velocity flywheel delivers “big bike” feel in a light weight product. It’s easy lock, compact folding design makes it perfect for use anywhere and stores away easily.

The FitDesk X 2.0 has all the great benefits as the original along with new added features focused on your comfort. Using a computer or playing a video game while engaging your legs in resistance pedaling has benefits over inactive sitting for long periods. Our new design allows for a further “back lean” ride or a “forward leaning” ride. All this while you have easy access to the FitDesk platform where you can securely fasten items like a laptop.

As important as comfort is in the design we also added functionality. An adjustable and sliding desk area lets your hands fall exactly where they feel natural. Also, the new FitDesk X 2.0 has an adjustable arm rest with contoured massage rollers that allows support and comfort for a variety of body heights. Additional features include a storage drawer for convenient storage of small items such as pens and phones.

Now you will be able to turn your computer time into a healthy part of your day.

Includes Bike, desk, SeatBack, Laptop Strap, Therabands, transport wheels, Instructions.

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price2 FitDesk 2.0

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