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a new take on the ‘mini bar’

A new bar set to open in downtown St. Louis this spring will be an wholesale nfl jerseys homage to the “tiny” things in life, from its name to its space and budget wholesale nfl jerseys everything but the cocktail prices.

Aaron Perlut, a partner at digital marketing and public relations firm Elasticity, said the idea for the Tiny Bar came out of a conversation with the company’s landlord, Daniel Cook, owner of wholesale cheap jerseys P Properties LLC, about what they could do with Elasticity’s current cheap jerseys 250 square foot lobby area. “Dan said, ‘I don’t know what to do with this space,’” Perlut said. “I just very casually quipped to him, ‘How about a tiny bar?’” As Perlut tells it, Cook looked down at blueprints of the building, looked back up, and agreed to the idea.

To help craft their Manhattans and other cocktails, the partners have tapped Ted Charak, a co owner and general manager of Planter’s House, at 1000 Mississippi Ave. As their patron saint, the partners chose Eddie Gaedel, the shortest baseball player in major league history, who played for one day with the St. Louis Browns. The Browns were later sold and became the Baltimore Orioles.

Gaedel will be part of a mural now being painted at the bar celebrating other tiny heroes. “We always want to support the juiced up power hitter” and other larger than life figures, Perlut said. “It’s rare that we celebrate the little guy, the David versus Goliath.”Articles Connexes: